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What is a Laundry Pedestal?

by The Experts at Aztec Appliance

Laundry room with washer and dryer on pedestals

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For many people, laundry is one of their least favorite chores to tackle each week. No matter how many clothes you fold and put away, there are always dirty items waiting for a wash the next day. Laundry involves countless hours of chasing down lost socks and hunching over your washer and dryer.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. What if you could easily reach into your appliances without having to bend over and stress your back? What if you could make laundry more enjoyable by setting your washer and dryer at the right height?

Now you can. If you have never heard of a laundry pedestal, it is time to invest in one. Get to know this useful tool and how to install one in your home.

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Laundry Pedestals

What is a Laundry Pedestal?

A laundry pedestal is used to elevate front-loading washers and dryers. These pedestals are typically a foot or more in height and make it easier for homeowners to access the openings of these appliances.

When an appliance is close to the ground, users have to bend over to access it. Washers and dryers can be particularly difficult to use because the homeowner has to bend over and reach into the appliance to access the clothes. Some people physically cannot bend over in this way without feeling pain. Others risk back injuries from repeat bending motions. A laundry pedestal reduces the amount a person has to bend to get their laundry.

Additionally, laundry pedestals will do more than just elevate your appliances. They will also provide storage. Some include pull-out drawers where you can keep your detergent, softener, and other laundry necessities. Even if you are comfortable with your washer or dryer height, a laundry pedestal may be a better alternative than installing cabinets or building shelves in a space.   

Are washer and dryer pedestals standard size?

Washer and dryer pedestals are for the most part standard size. You will find that most laundry pedestals are 10-16 inches in height.  

Do I Need a Laundry Pedestal?

Is a laundry pedestal necessary? You do not technically need a laundry pedestal for your washer or dryer to work. These appliances do not need to be elevated to wash or dry your clothes. However, many homeowners appreciate the convenience and ease of having two built-in drawers and elevated washer-dryer systems. 

You don’t need to do laundry often to appreciate the benefits of higher appliances. After a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is bend over to collect your laundry. Plus, the elevation that comes with a laundry pedestal can ensure you get all of the clothes out. You no longer have to worry about pairs of underwear going missing or a lone red sock getting washed with a load of crisp white sheets.

Are laundry pedestals universal?

While some laundry pedestals can be used across multiple brands, you should try to match your pedestal brand with the type of washer or dryer you have. This will guarantee that your pedestal will fit under your appliance.

What are the Benefits of a Laundry Pedestal?

There are multiple benefits of investing in a laundry pedestal for your home. Within a few weeks, you might not even remember what it was like before you had this appliance helped in your laundry room. A few reasons homeowners love their laundry pedestals include:

  • Clothes are easier to reach without having to bend down and reach into your front-loading washer and dryer. You can also easily clean out the lint trap in your dryer.
  • There is added storage for your detergent and other cleaning products without having to build shelves. Plus, these drawers hide items for a cleaner look.
  • No additional floor space is needed for these appliances, which means they can fit in almost any space.

Additionally, some advanced laundry pedestals even have miniature washers built-in. These are ideal for washing small loads, where you only have a few items but need them clean ahead of a sporting event or job interview. You will never have to scrounge for enough clothes to justify a load of laundry, allowing you to wash your clothes while saving water and electricity.

What is the Average Price Range?

The price of a laundry pedestal can range from around $200 to more than $700 depending on the features that you want. Keep in mind that many pedestals are sold individually, so your budget will need to reflect the cost if you want two for your washer-dryer set.

Electrolux Laundry 27" Island White Laundry Pedestal

Electrolux laundry pedestals

The Electrolux 27" model is your standard laundry pedestal. It elevates your laundry by 15 inches and is 27 inches wide and deep. This gives homeowners three cubic feet of extra storage for various cleaning products and towels. This model comes in either white or titanium depending on your washer or dryer color. 

LG 27" White Laundry Pedestal

LG white laundry pedestal

This model provides 13 inches of height for your washer or dryer. It is close to 27 inches wide with a similar depth. This LG model comes with a built-in drawer for added storage. There are metal latches on the top that can help your washer or dryer in place.

LG SideKick™ 27" Graphite Steel Pedestal Washer

LG washer pedestal

LG SideKick™ is a perfect example of a mini washer that can attach to your existing appliance. This laundry pedestal elevates your washer by almost 17 inches. However, it can also hold one cubic foot of laundry and run it on six different programs. This laundry pedestal can handle both delicate items and activewear. It offers many of the same features as a standard washing machine, including temperature options and a child lock. 

Through these examples, you can see how prices vary from standard pedestals to secondary appliances that can also handle loads of laundry.

Can I Build a Laundry Pedestal?

Oftentimes, homeowners try to build laundry pedestals themselves. They don’t think it will be hard to create a shelf for their washers and dryers. However, it is easy to underestimate the weight of your appliances while overestimating what they can hold.

The average washer will weigh between 150-180 pounds, with some appliances going even heavier. This weight varies when you add clothes to the appliances and when your washer starts running with water flowing throughout. If your DIY laundry pedestal isn’t able to support this weight, it could collapse – potentially breaking your appliances and even hurting your family members.

Modern laundry pedestals don’t just provide elevation and weight support. They specifically lock into your appliances so they won’t move around. This is a much safer alternative to trying to build your own pedestal. Plus, most store-bought pedestals come with drawers, which are difficult for anyone other than experienced woodworkers to build.

How to Install a Laundry Pedestal

If you are considering investing in a laundry pedestal, there are a few ways to make the installation process easier. First, buy your pedestal when you are replacing your washer and dryer. This way you won't have to worry about moving or lifting your appliances. If this isn’t feasible, consider looking into hiring installation specialists who will have the equipment to lift your washer and dryer safely.

If you are installing a laundry pedestal by yourself, there are a few ways to reduce your stress levels and stay safe. First, unplug your appliances. You may want to have a bucket on-hand for your washer to collect any water that pools in your hose attachments.

Next, follow the installation directions carefully. You need to secure your pedestal to the floor so it will not move – especially with the appliances on top of it. Some pedestals secure to the floor, while others use brackets. Finally, make sure you have enough safety equipment so you are not lifting your appliances alone. Designate one person as a supervisor to stand out of the room and get help if needed. You cannot be too safe when lifting heavy objects.

If you are considering adding a laundry pedestal to your home, start by browsing the options by Aztec Appliance.  We carry the best LG laundry pedestal and Samsung laundry pedestal models, along with other brands and their products. You can find the best pedestal to match your appliance needs.

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