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    Find the Best Kegerators for Your Home

    Kegerators are the best way to keep your beer fresh and ready to drink. By keeping your keg in a kegerator, you can ensure that your beer will be cold and delicious every time you want to enjoy a pint. There are many different types of kegerators available on the market, so finding the perfect one for your home or business can be a daunting task. However, we are here to help! In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about kegerators, including how they work and what features to look for when shopping for one.

    Kegerators work by keeping your keg of beer at a consistent temperature. This ensures that the beer inside remains fresh and carbonated. Additionally, kegerators often have features that allow you to dispense your beer without having to open the door, which helps to keep the air inside the fridge from affecting the quality of your beer.

    When shopping for a kegerator, there are several things you should keep in mind. First, decide what size keg you will be using. Most kegerators come in either full-size or mini-fridge sizes. Second, think about how many taps you want. The number of taps is usually determined by the size of the fridge; larger fridges can accommodate more taps. Third, consider what type of tap system you want. There are three main types of tap systems: direct draw, gravity fed, and Perlick. Direct draw systems are the most common type; they are easy to use and maintain, and they can be used with any size keg. Gravity fed systems rely on gravity to dispense the beer, so they require less maintenance than direct draw systems. Perlick tap systems are the most expensive but also the most efficient; they use pressurized air to dispense beer, so there is no chance of foam or flat beer.

    Shop the Best Kegerator Brands

    Kegerators are becoming increasingly popular as a way to enjoy freshly kegged beer right in the comfort of your own home. There are many brands available on the market, each offering unique features and benefits to fit different needs and budgets. Danby kegerators offer a wide range of models and sizes, allowing you to choose the best kegerator for your unique situation. Their kegerators feature powerful compressor cooling technology and easy-to-clean interior surfaces, making them ideal for any keg enthusiast. Silhouette kegerators come with an all-inclusive installation kit that makes setting up your kegerator a breeze. They also feature digital temperature control, allowing you to set the precise temperature for your kegs. U-Line kegerators are designed for superior performance, featuring stainless steel construction and advanced chilling technology that ensures optimal temperatures for both draft beer and craft cocktails. Whether you’re looking for style or performance, these top brands have something to offer everyone when shopping for kegerators.

    Shop the Best Kegerator Sizes

    When it comes to kegerators, size is an important factor to consider. The three most common kegerator sizes are 15 inch, 21 inch, and 24 inch models. Choosing the right size kegerator for your needs is key to enjoying a great keg beer experience.

    A 15-inch kegerator is the smallest option available and usually has one tap located at the front of the unit. This makes it ideal for those with limited space or just starting out in kegging beer. It’s also usually the least expensive kegerator option available and can fit inside most standard kitchen cabinets or refrigerators.

    The 21-inch model is larger than the 15-inch version, offering more space for kegs and storage options such as a top shelf or bottom tray that can be used to store additional kegs or accessories. Generally speaking, this model will support up to two taps on its front panel and has much more interior space than its smaller counterpart, which allows you to store additional kegs and accessories inside the unit itself.

    If you’re looking for a kegerator that provides maximum beer capacity as well as plenty of internal storage options, then you’ll want to opt for a 24-inch model. These units are typically equipped with up to three taps on its front panel, allowing you to easily serve multiple beers on tap at once. They also have generous amounts of internal storage space, making them suitable for storing extra kegs or even cases of canned beer with ease.

    Where to Buy a Kegerator

    Aztec Appliance is an excellent destination for those looking to purchase a kegerator. We stock a broad selection of kegerator models from trusted brands, ensuring customers can find the perfect kegerator for their needs. Whether you're looking for a large kegerator for a commercial application or a smaller model for home use, Aztec Appliance has something to suit every budget and need. We have a great selection of financing options so you can buy now and pay later. You can find our showrooms located in the San Diego area. If you have any questions give us a call or stop by our showroom today.