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Electrolux Washers for Every Modern Home

by Michael Webster

Modern laundry room with an Electrolux laundry pair.

Washing machines have made significant strides in recent years, offering modern features designed to make our clothes cleaner and our lives more convenient. If you’re in search of a new reliable washer that will help you tackle the weekly washing regimen, Electrolux is a top-quality brand that creates some of the most efficient washing appliances on the market. Electrolux has been putting out thoughtfully designed home and professional appliances for almost 100 years, so it’s no surprise that their washers are regarded as some of the best in the business. To learn more about this dependable and dynamic appliance brand that exceeds all expectations in the home laundry space, check out our guide that includes several Electrolux washer reviews, as well as some of the many benefits that come with adding one of these leading-edge laundry appliances to your home.

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Benefits of an Electrolux Washer

Pros & Cons of Electrolux Washers

Our Top Electrolux Washer Picks

Benefits of an Electrolux Washer

When you invest in an Electrolux washer, you'll be bringing home some of the best-in-class cleaning and stain removal capabilities to your space. That’s why professional testing companies regularly rank these appliances as a top brand in laundry performance. Electrolux’s selection of washing machines may be more limited than other brands, but each model is manufactured to deliver optimum washing performance with impeccable results. With a lineup consisting of only front load models, Electrolux washers are designed for those who desire a more modern approach to doing the laundry. Speaking of modern characteristics, every Electrolux washer is Energy Star Certified, meaning you’ll save more on your monthly utilities, as well as leave a minimal impact on the planet.

Along with a valiant dedication to sustainability, here are some of the innovative washing features that Electrolux washers bring to the table to instantly uplift your laundry game.

LuxCare: This washing feature enhances agitation, water temperature, and load sensing for a thorough clean.

SmartBoost: By pre-mixing detergent with a fresh stream of water during the wash cycle, this feature optimizes the washer’s performance.

Perfect Steam: Using steam that rises from the bottom, this feature softly penetrates all of your clothes for an added boost of stain-fighting power.

Adaptive Dispenser: You’ll achieve the ultimate clean with the world’s first Adaptive Dispenser that uses any form of detergent you prefer, whether it’s pods, liquid, or powder.

StainSoak: Simply choose the type of stain you’d like to eliminate, and the washer will start the cycle accordingly with customized agitation and tumbling.

Sanitize Option: This feature gives you the power to eliminate up to 99 percent of bacteria in every load.

Perfect Balance System: Advanced balance technology provides perfect stabilization no matter where the unit is placed and allows you to run cycle after cycle without any disruptions.

Pros & Cons of Electrolux Washers

While Electrolux does manufacture some top-quality washers that can be the perfect complement for most laundry arrangements, that doesn't mean that they'll work for every home’s ideal setup. If you’re thinking about choosing a new Electrolux washer for your home, there are a few pros and cons to consider before you make the final purchase.


✓ All washers are Energy Star certified

✓ Every washer comes with Electrolux LuxCare performance


✗ Only front load washers

✗ No Wi-Fi connectivity

Our Top Electrolux Washer Picks

Electrolux 4.4 Cu. Ft. White Front Load Washer (ELFW7337AW)

Stock photo of a white Electrolux brand front load washer with grey accents.

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Prepare yourself to get the laundry done with the utmost convenience with this Electrolux front load washer. With an ample 4.4 cu. ft. of capacity, this washer has the space to wash 29 towels in one cycle and features Electrolux’s LuxCare Wash System for elevated wash performance. Even better, this model is equipped with the Perfect Balance System for near-silent operation and less vibrations while it’s running so that no one home is disrupted. Additional features on this Electrolux LuxCare washer include an Automatic Water-Level Adjustment and Temperature Control, five unique Electrolux clean washer cycles, and a planet Earth-friendly certified Energy Star rating.

Electrolux 4.5 Cu. Ft. Titanium Front Load Washer (ELFW7537AT)

Stock photo of a titanium Electrolux brand front load washer with black and steel accents.

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Start saying goodbye to the old pains of laundry day, and get your loads done faster and more efficiently with this titanium Electrolux front load washer. This 4.5 cu. ft. washer provides all the power you could imagine with the Perfect Steam feature that implements exclusive bottom-rising action that lifts dirt and stains from fabrics. This model also includes StainTreat that optimizes the water temperature, tumbling actions, and cycle run time based on the stain you want taken care of. It also includes the LuxCare Plus Wash System that offers an even more thorough clean with the even distribution of detergent, impressive wash actions, and smart load sensing to provide the ultimate convenience. And for the days you’re in a rush to get your laundry done, this Electrolux LuxCare washer features a fast wash cycle that deeply cleans your items and will have them looking their best in just 15 minutes. 

Electrolux 4.5 Cu. Ft. White Front Load Washer (ELFW7537AW)

Stock photo of a white Electrolux brand front load washer with sleek black accents.

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If you’re someone who never compromises the cleaning of your linens and fabrics, this Electrolux front load washer was made just for you. With the groundbreaking LuxCare Plus Wash System, Perfect Steam option, and a truly spacious capacity of 4.5 cu. ft., this Electrolux front load washer will take your laundry game to another level. Enjoy supreme versatility with the Adaptive Dispenser that takes pods, powder, or liquid detergents; plus, you’ll have the power to knock out 99% of bacteria and 95% of allergens with both a Sanitize setting and Electrolux’s NSF-certified Allergen option. And with a 15-Minute Fast Wash, laundry day will soon become an absolute breeze with how quickly each load is finished, giving you back your time to enjoy the things you love.

Electrolux Laundry 4.4 Cu. Ft. Island White Front Load Washer (EFLS627UIW)

Stock photo of a white Electrolux brand front load washer with titanium accents.

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Boasting the most energy efficiency on our list, this Beko island washer is also one of the most effective models on the market when it comes to removing soils and stains. This 4.4 cu. ft. Electrolux front load washing machine is loaded with innovative washing features that help it achieve the highest cleaning results, including SmartBoost that premixes water and detergent before each cycle starts. Other features to note are a lightning-fast 15-minute wash cycle, Electrolux’s LuxCare Wash System, and powerful steam cleaning that also supports a Sanitize cycle that kills and removes 99% of bacteria. Even better, this model comes with built-in luxury-designed LED lighting that illuminates the information on each cycle while also letting you know how much time is left and makes finding any article of clothing easier than ever before.

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