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5 Reasons Black Matte Appliances Should Be on Your Radar

by Pam Silvia

For your kitchen remodel, our experts at Aztec Appliance invite you to take a cue from The Rolling Stones’ discography and “Paint It, Black.” Hear us out.

Stainless steel has long reigned over modern kitchens, ushering an airy feel into your space while also acting as a suitable neutral for most interior design styles. But we think it’s time for a different appliance finish to rule. Enter: black matte.

Effortlessly elegant, black matte appliances serve as the perfect canvas for pops of color and as stylish juxtapositions to white cabinetry, marble countertops, and other ivory accents. Different from stainless steel’s broody sibling, black stainless steel, black matte is not shiny, and while black stainless steel exudes a sleek appearance, it requires more upkeep to maintain its sheen (but more on that later).

We can’t praise the beauty of black matte appliances enough—but we can surely try. To that end, here are 5 reasons this appliance finish should be on your radar!

stylish woman opens French doors of Café black matte wall oven

1. Black matte warms up your space.

While traditional stainless steel is favored for making kitchens appear brighter and more open, darker hues are often dismissed—for having the effect of dwarfing a room. We are here to tell you that is not necessarily true.

 As a counterargument, it can be easily said that stainless steel perpetuates coldness, making your space appear stark or bare. It all depends on how you frame it.

 By contrast, black matte has more of a satiny sheen, and when combined with contrasting stainless-steel bar handles, this appliance finish makes a statement. Design experts preach that, as long as (a) your cabinetry and walls are in lighter colors and (b) there is plenty of natural light in your kitchen, black matte adds a warmhearted touch.

2. Black matte adds contrast.

In fact, black matte appliances can create depth in your kitchen, but the trick is to invoke contrast with bright colors. This will stretch your kitchen’s design, drawing the eye toward the lighter elements.

In addition, the low-gloss finish of black matte appliances has a horizontal grain to it that evokes texture, which complements contemporary fixtures like painted cabinets, tiled backsplashes, and stone countertops.

If you’re looking to add a touch of glitz to your kitchen space, black matte appliances pose the perfect opportunity. Understood as either a black-and-white color scheme or as a strategic mixture of lighter-hued furnishings with broodier accents, high contrast design is expected to adorn kitchens in 2021 and beyond, thanks to a renewed interest in retro-inspired décor.

Often, this modern design scheme incorporates chic metallic accents for intrigue—thankfully, the Café brand allows you to customize your appliances’ hardware in your choice of brushed bronze, stainless steel, black, and copper.

3. Black is a timeless color.

If you’d like your kitchen design to stand the test of time, a black matte finish is as elegant as it is classic. In other words, a surefire way to ensure your appliances don’t go out of style is to opt for a finish that has endured stainless steel’s reign.

As a focal color, black in interior design keeps a room from being too stark, acting as a great foundation for other décor elements to give it life. Black can be dramatic yet grounding, offering a satisfying flavor that suits every palette.

closeup of front controls on Café freestanding gas range

4. Fingerprints and smudges are less likely to show.

Black matte appliances are hailed for being fingerprint-resistant and smudge-proof. Yes, to the relief of parents of toddlers, these appliances are engineered to be durable and to withstand grubby hands (we say that lovingly). 

Okay, kids aren’t the only perpetrators of mess in the kitchen—adults can wreak as much havoc when we cook and bake our family favorites. By virtue of the dark color and smooth finish of your black matte range, wall oven, range hood, microwave, and refrigerator, these appliances can hide all sorts of splotches and splatters, including our least favorite culprits, grease stains and water spots.

5. Black matte appliances are easy to clean.

If the aftermath of your meal or dessert preparation is more egregious than just a few splatters, then maybe the matte surface of your black appliance isn’t enough to mask your messes. In that case, don’t worry. Black matte appliances are easy to clean—no polish required! 

To preserve this pristine coating, just take a soft cloth dampened with warm, soapy water to your appliances. Abrasive cleaners or the scouring-pad side of a sponge can scratch or otherwise damage your appliances, taking away from their smooth appearance.

Café kitchen package in a matte black finish

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