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Appliances for the Whole Family

by Waverly Wilde

When you have a big family, it’s important to incorporate the right appliances in your home to suit each member of your family. Trying to adhere to the needs of every family member can feel a lot like an episode of the “Brady Bunch,” but if you spend a lot of time cooking as a family or doing Sunday afternoon chores, you’ll want to find the right appliances to make these tasks enjoyable for the entire house.

There are a lot of factors to consider when buying new family appliances. You’ll want to think about safety, having enough storage space, and what you hope to gain from each appliance. By matching the appliances function to your daily routine, it makes the process much easier.

Each appliance has certain features to match particular needs and lifestyles. Some appliances include high-tech smart technology to allow on the go families to stay connected, and others are more traditional for the families that spend most their time together at home. You want an appliance package to fit in your home and fit your family. We’re here to help you find a list of appliances for the whole family to enjoy.


Beverage Fridge for Game Day  

In a busy kitchen, it can get real crowded when your family members are constantly coming in and out—especially during the game when your teams biggest fans need a new soda every time the whistle blows. If you’re the one working the kitchen and trying to prepare the meal, this can become a serious distraction. To keep a harmonious cooking space, incorporate an extra drink fridge stocked with everyone’s favorite game-day drinks. The extra beverage fridge could go in the dining area, be built-in to the cabinetry, or placed out in the garage so you never have to worry about getting poked with a foam finger when you’re trying to make dinner.

Range with Double Convection Oven for the Home Chef

Now here’s the perfect appliance for the chef in the family who prepares the nightly meals or likes to entertain and play host. The key to a successful gathering or smooth meal prep is an appliance with useful features. A 5-burner range with double convection is the ultimate feature to reduce cooking time on all your meals. The oven preheats faster and cooks your meals quicker than traditional ovens—allowing you to spend more time with your family instead of waiting to get to 350 degrees. It also allows you to use both ovens simultaneously and bake your dessert while dinner is being prepared.

An added feature is the 5th warming burner to act as a companion to your meal—helping keep your side dish warm while the rest of your meal is cooking. 

Side-by-Side Refrigerator for Kids

When you have kids, you know they’re asking for a snack every 20 minutes (maybe they wouldn’t be hungry if they actually ate their meals). Having the right appliance for your kids to confidently and conveniently reach for a healthy snack on their own is key to saving time and hassle in the kitchen. A Side-by side refrigerator makes it simple for kids to open the doors to look inside, and dispense water or ice with an exterior dispenser.

 A helpful feature to look for is a door alarm for those indecisive little ones who can never choose which snack they want. If they blankly gaze into the fridge for too long and let out all the cold air, an alarm will sound letting them know to shut the door. Extra snack or drink drawers also come in handy so they know exactly where to reach when they need a quick snack before practice. Most importantly, for the parents that is, finding a fridge that is smudge resistant. It’s inevitable they will open the door with dirty hands, a smudge resistant outer finish will easily wipe clean and always look sleek and well-polished.

Adjustable Dishwasher for Grandparents

An essential item in every family kitchen is an easy-to-use dishwasher that gets the job done the first time, every time—especially if grandma and grandpa are over babysitting.

A large, adjustable-rack with lots of room for cookware and dinner plates are ideal for effortless loading and unloading without having to run multiple cycles. A quiet washer is even better for your elders, so the noise of the cycle won’t disrupt them while they’re taking a nap or watching Jeopardy. An adjustable sensor also simplifies the cleaning process as the correct wash cycle and dry settings are automatically selected based on how much cleaning your dishes require to come out perfectly clean.


Front-Load Washer for Everyone

A washer is the one appliance everyone in the house needs the most. Everyone has dirty clothes, and everyone needs to wash them. Whether it’s daily, every weekend, or once a month, there’s some items you simply have to wash. 

Front-load washers spin at a faster rate and extract more water—using less water for an efficient wash and cutting your dry time immensely. A good portion of front-load washers include anti-vibration technologies to prevent your clothes from getting stuck to one side of the wash drum causing that shaking throughout your laundry room. This allows for a quiet cycle that won’t interfere with your household chores or sleeping children.

When choosing the right appliance for your household, make sure they match the style, safety, and function of your indoor living space. Appliances come in a variety of colors and finishes, so there’s always something to match the entertainer’s kitchen, the grandparent’s kitchen, or the amateur chef’s kitchen. At Aztec Appliance, we believe in having high-end appliances in your home. Visit us today to get help finding the right appliance package to make the whole family happy.